An Unusual Rose – PianoTweet no. 146 (replay)

(text written on May 26th, 2011)

Dear listeners and followers!

I send you a postcard.
A postcard from far away,
from a Past that’s long ago…

The idylle of the sweet waves and bulbs,
bearing this beautiful Rose as a present;
giving back the Rose.
An unusual Way of giving a Rose.

Rose and Waves

. . . . . .

What caused the Rose to be cut?
Who cut it? And why?
Why did it land into the waves of water?
Who threw it into the waves?

While looking for answers to these questions,
we are used to create our own stories about the Past.
And thus change and pressume a Truth about what could have happened.

Here’s a lesson to be learned:
We create our own stories about the Past
as if it is the Truth.
but at the same time we should realize
that it’s all about our point of view of the World
and that nothing is really True…

. . . . . .

The photography of this postcard was made by Linda van Hartingsveldt.
Linda is a warm online friend.
Special thanks to her for allowing me publish the picture she made.

Follow her on Twitter:

And here is the Extended PianoTweet I made,
inspired by this beautiful picture.

An Unusual Rose – PianoTweet 146