Up and Down – PianoTweet no. 139 (replay)

(text written on May 19th, 2011)

There is always an Up and a Down.
I prefer not to “talk” about “Ups and Downs”.
That’s too common, too much small talk.
Like fashion; coming up and vanishing again.
Like trends; they come and they go.

Yesterday I had the honour to be a guest in very sweet company.
And we were taught about how Energy flows.
I was given the opportunity to choose.
Does the Energy stream from Up to Down?
Or does it flow from Down to Up?

I know I can direct my Energy.
From Up to Down
and then re-direct it
Down to Up

Enjoy this PianoTweet,
that can make you listen to a choice!

Up and Down – PianoTweet 139


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