C major Jubilation (“Sono Dio” Series no.1) – PianoTweet no. 113 (replay)

(text written on April 23rd 2011)

Some years ago someone looked me straight into the eyes and said:
“Sono Dio…”

I’ll never forget those simple words (spoken in Italian), meaning:
“I am God…”

Which impressed me deeply and which is true.
I understood the importance of these words.

We all can say: “Sono Dio”.
We are all part of a big system that makes Life what Life is.
That makes the Universe being the Universe.
The Universe is God, God is the Universe, we are the Universe.
It’s in us and it’s all around us.

Today PianoTweets starts the new Series “Sono Dio”!
Which is based on the musical universe of 24 modes.
The next 24 days all 24 keys (modes) are passing by.
The tonal musical system is based upon 12 basic keys:
And these 12 keys appear in a Major key as well as a Minor key.
So, 12 times 2 = 24.

We’ll start today, right from the starting point: C major.
And let’s also start with a Jubilation about the existing Universes!


C major Jubilation (“Sono Dio” Series no.1) – PianoTweet no. 113