Voyage through Umbria – PianoTweet no. 112 (replay)

Some of you, my dear listeners and followers,
know that I lived in Italy for almost three years.
Near a small but very beautiful town called Todi,
situated in the region Umbria in Central Italy.

Especially in spring my thoughts and emotions go back to that period.
Being my favorite season already, spring impressed me deeply.
Probably caused by it’s explosive character in creating new life.

I know the region Umbria rather well;
I travelled down from north to south and up again,
visited hidden villages, ancient towns, hills, even the mountains.
Both touristic sites and the unknown places.

Very significant for the area is the Tiber,
the famous river streaming to the southwest
and the Apennine Mountains rising up in the eastern part…

During my stay I composed a Cd with musical impressions,
“Umbria Impressioni”;
music inspired by one of the most lovely parts of Italy.

Umbria means a lot more to me.

There’s a particular site along the river Tiber, near a town called Orvieto,
that almost literally pulled me away from Holland down to Italy.
During a 2 weeks holiday I easily found it back.
In a split second I knew for sure I had lived there before –
during Another Life, about 2000 years ago.

Returning to that site, it felt like coming home.
Although there isn’t any possibility for a living right now.
I knew that place extremely well…
and I felt completely happy.

Voyage through Umbria – PianoTweet no. 112


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