Fascination – PianoTweet no. 105 (replay)

This Fascination is a logical consequence of
PianoTweet “Disclosure”, no. 104.
Musically it fits quite well: same key, same atmosphere.

Because the subjects as mentioned are so fascinating….

For me personally they aren’t new.
I was already very interested but
– wanting to live in Here and Now –
it didn’t always catch my attention.

It has to do with A Future that seems very nearby,
occuring at almost the same time as the Here and Now.

However, with visions and insights changing so fast,
my interest and fascination more or less has been renewed.

I hope you’re willing to share this Fascination with me.
Feel free to leave comments, or write an email.

Meanwhile, Enjoy the Music!

Fascination – PianoTweet no. 105