Disclosure – PianoTweet no. 104 (replay)

(text written on April 14th 2011)

Whoever is reading
various news sites on the net,
or original papers,
or watching and listening all media,
probably noticed subjects and matters like:
2012, UFO’s, Roswell, Yuri Gagarin’s travel in space, Cropcircles, Quantum Leaps, Aliens, Extraterrestrial Life, Shifting Poles of the Earth,
just to name a few….

The quantity of news, articles and messages
about these matters is growing exponentially:
almost like an exploding vulcano.
People on this Earth do not accept any longer
the way world’s leaders and governments are handling these subjects.

Actually an overwhelming Movement takes place.
It’s also mentioned as “Disclosure” – as far as I understand…

In the near future many PianoTweets will be inspired by this “Diclosure”.
From a musical perspective or “hearing angle”.

Disclosure – PianoTweet no. 104


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