Tales from an Ancient Garden – PianoTweet 101 (replay)

(text written on April 11th 2011)

It happens often when I’m in the recording studio,
I just play something that comes from somewhere.

Don’t know where it comes from,
don’t know what it means.

As if another energy lets me play what I play.
In a split second right before moving a finger, fingers, hand or the whole arm,
there’s this sensation of KNOWING.

While playing this PianoTweet and later on,
when listening to it immediately after the recording,
I KNEW it came from some other place.

And the playing had become a Tale.
And it came from a long time ago.

I’m not specialized in Tales, neither in Gardens.
But I KNEW what it was and where it came from.
Tales from an Ancient Garden.

Tales from an Ancient Garden – PianoTweet no. 101