On my Own – PianoTweet no. 91 (Replay)

(text written on April 1st 2011)

One of the benefits for a piano player is to be a soloist
(not in all circumstances, of course…).

Sometimes it feels like being lonely.
Particularly in my modus when composing and playing
the very PianoTweets themselves.

Generally I feel rather comfortable, happy and balanced.

But when creating images of you all, my dear listeners,
it grows: it gets bigger, stronger and really valuable.
I feel honored that you worship my efforts to publish a new musical piece every day.

Today’s PianoTweet illustrates this returning disciplin of producing a piece.
You know it’s all about miniatures, so listen carefully between the notes!

It’s an anchor in my daily life
to be accompanied by (maybe)
the greatest work in my Life:

On My Own – PianoTweet no. 91