The Uncomplicated Jingle – PianoTweet no. 66 (Replay)

(text written on March 7th 2011)

A jingle is a very short piece of music,
a small tune used to present an item, often used in radioshows.

A kind of a musical advertisement, announcing something important.
A mini auditive anchor for the future.

With this jingle I want to announce a positive, uncomplicated move.

Like the notes in this small piece move down,
you can walk down the stairs.

To an uncomplicated base.
A strong consciousness
knowing the Uncomplicated.


The Uncomplicated Jingle – PianoTweet no. 66

Middle East Desert – PianoTweet no. 52 (Replay)

(base text written on February 21 2011)

What goes on in the Middle East touches me deeply.

I was raised with some knowledge and consciousness about the Middle East.
Through the Bible, the Koran and the impressive history of the area.

This PianoTweet is called “Middle East Desert”.
Because so much is happening over there these days.

An area that’s pressumed
dead, dumb, deaf and blind,
pressumed by some fools, some low hearted people.

They really don’t know what they’re talking about.
They don’t understand anything about deserts.

The Desert keeps treasures, secrets and history.
It keeps life and love deep inside.

Let’s support the people that own the Desert.
Those people fighting for their Freedom, their Lives.

The “pedal tone” in this PianoTweet
– the repeatedly played bass note –
stands for this enormous fight, this insisting desire to be Free.

The “big chords” express the richness of history of the Middle East.
It’s great, knowing that the Middle East is part of our world.

Middle East Desert – PianoTweet no. 52

Prospect – PianoTweet no. 62 (Replay)

(text written on March 3rd 2011)

This PianoTweet is a melody written in A flat major:
a key with a very warm and empathic sound.

Some listeners will recognize the original melody.

That’s so great about this project:
It contains a maximum of freedom for me and
besides that,
I simply love this theme so much 🙂

A melody based on a theme from the past.

And already then,
in that past time,
there were prospects.

And they are still there:
new ones, here, right now, always!

It makes me feel warm and hopeful.

Prospect – PianoTweet no. 62

Always a Chance – PianoTweet no. 60 (Replay)

(text written on March 11th 2011)

It happens to me.
It happens to everyone.
A dark world, a puzzled mind, heavy feelings.
It seems impossible to get out, to find a way out, to create a perspective.

At the same time we know the truth.

We know there is this way out.
We know what we should do, what we should change.
We really know, deep inside we know.

Knowing this means there is a next step to take.
it means we can do something.

There’s always a new direction that differs from the one before.

It’s like a key that opens a door,
and behind that door there’s
another chance.

Always a Chance – PianoTweet no. 60

To be Faithful – PianoTweets no. 57 (Replay)

You, my dear listeners, are given insights
in my inner life through my music:
about causes that touch me,
engage me,
worry me,
make me happy,
things that touch my emotions,
my ratio, my thoughts.
I express all this by composing and
playing short pieces of music called
(and loads of other music that by far exceed those 140 notes)

Music contains an endless quantity of information.
Even a 140 notes piece of piano music.

However, there’s a thing I’m not sure about.

It could be there’s too much information
for us people, in general.
So many different ways to gather and to explore information.

But is this My way?
Are my creative eruptions part of
an overall information overload?
What does a PianoTweet create?
An information burnout?

I want to be faithful to my PianoTweets.
I don’t want them to be left alone.
They belong to me, as a new born child.

To be Faithful – PianoTweet no. 57