I do not agree – PianoTweet no. 51 (Replay)

“Hi, I am a Minor chord.
I uh, see…,
you must be a Major chord.

I must say, you look different, you sound different,
Actually, I’m not sure if I…”

“Hi, Minor Chord,
I’m a Major chord.

You should look more like me.
Then you would match better,
take place beside me more easily,
you would sound like me,
like they say: more bright…!
If not, you’d better go back where you came from”


“Well, Major Chord, that’s how you look to this composition.
I’ve been listening a while and I think
I am needed here and very important,
for balancing this piece, to give it a nuance,
give it more tension, expression, color…!

So, I do not agree: I’ll stay…!”

I do not agree – PianoTweet no. 51