Desires – PianoTweet no. 46 (Replay)

Deep inside us there is this great need, this power.
A need we can’t fulfill.
A power we hardly can resist.
An everlasting greed.
We always want more.
And when we have got more,
we still want more of it.

If some of our desires are fulfilled,
we’re a kind of happy and quiet.
But after a little while we want it to be fulfilled again.

There are more desires.
The desire for a long and healthy life is a very well known one.
The desire for an Eternal Life.
The desire for the Love of our Life lasts forever.
Being rich is an overwhelming desire for many of us.

Why don’t we desire the everlasting moment?
A moment that we could turn into a “freeze”?
The small moment of total silence?
Complete peace, full concentration on nothing?
The desire for the moment that’s called: Now.

Like this repeating C minor melody,
almost crying for more and more…

Enjoy this moment of Desires!

Desires – PianoTweet no. 46