Casa Abbandonata – PianoTweet no. 45 (Replay)

In fact I don’t care nothing about what day of the week it is.

Monday, sunday, weekend, work or holidays.
For me every day is a whole day – a brand new day.
With its own possibilities or impossibilities.

When making music, I’m alone with my music.
I don’t mind at all about the World around me.

So do I today, presenting this piece of piano music.
Monday? Who cares?
It’s the day after yesterday.
The day before tomorrow.
It’s simple.

This C sharp minor melody is anchored in my mind and my soul forever.
When I lived in Italy I saw many beautiful, but abandoned houses.
Old houses.
Houses with a history, with a past life.
I went in to take a look inside and I felt the atmosphere in those old structures.
And I really felt their history, the lives that had been lived there.

No importance about which weekday it was:
there was life, there were people, there was atmosphere.

Every day there’s life, every day we make history.
No matter if it’s a monday, a sunday or what ever other day.

Think about that.

Casa Abbandonata – PianoTweet no. 45