We have a Voice – PianoTweet no. 34 (Replay)

(The text below was written on Febr. 3rd 2011)

Like many other people,
I watch the news about the revolution
that’s taking place in Northern Africa.
Today the focus is on Egypt…
Yesterday it was on Tunisia…
What are we gonna see and hear tomorrow?

We People express our needs, our will:
we explore our identity.

So do I.

We have numerous possibilities to do so:

all modern techniques are available.
Because we all have a message.
We want to be seen, to be heard,
showing our unicity to the World.

We People have a voice that should be heard.

This piece is the first one of all PianoTweets until now
that’s manipulated rather obvious with electronics.
Resulting in what could be mentioned a “soundscape”:
a short story in audio experience.

We have a Voice – PianoTweet no. 34

Romantic Reflection – PianoTweet no. 31 (Replay)

There are many days I could play all day long like this.
Romantic moods, just dreaming away of everything that’s worth dreaming about.

Maybe you, dear listener, noticed that
PianoTweets’s music is about dreaming – more than once.
That’s because I’m very much aware of the power of dreaming.

The lessons in our dreams,
either at night or during the day come from dreams.
Just have an open and receiving mind.
Your unconsciousness is the Master of your Dreams.

Just create your own dream when hearing this PianoTweet.
And Enjoy!

Romantic Reflection – PianoTweet no. 31

My Rhythm, part 1 – PianoTweet no. 29 (Replay)

The original work “My Rhythm”
is a very
piece of piano music.

It’s like a dream,
like an endless story,
there’s no point of return.
I don’t mind.
It made me happy to play it,
it makes me happy to listen at it.
It’s a statement.

This is my most important work.

It opened up my mind.
It reflected the start of
a new process in me.

Take a break for 5 and a half minutes.
Close your eyes,
listen and

My Rhythm, part 1 – PianoTweet no. 29

Way to Go – PianoTweet no. 28 (Replay)

This text was written almost 2 years ago.

One of my dearest friends lately sent me a message,
maybe the next day after I started this project PianoTweets, the 1st of January.

She wrote: “Wow!”
A little while after that a second message arrived: “Way to Go!”.

At first I didn’t understand the meaning of that expression.
I thought:
“Ow, help, that means there’s an awful lot to do,
I’m not gonna make it, it’s gonna be a heavy job…!”.

Well, I must admit, in some way she was a little bit right.
There’s a lot to do 🙂

But that is NOT what she meant, it’s not what the expression means.
She meant to say:
“Ok! There’s a great and beautiful way to go!
This is a huge chance!”.

And that’s what it is.
Realizing this project isn’t an easy job,
but it’s the most free, joyful and satisfying thing I ever invented to do.

And I’m happy with the growing number of fans of this project:
they all listen and reflect and react and support.

To you ALL I want to write this: @PianoTweets is WAY to GO!

Playing this piece (in E flat major, but the notes only touch that chord at the end…),
I felt this energy, this “push” to go on and on.

The open chords combined in a fast sequence illustrate the rolling power that’s beyond…

Enjoy this Way to Go @PianoTweets!

Way to Go – PianoTweet no.28

Pensieroso – PianoTweet no.26 (Replay)

I’ll tell you a part of my thoughts:
being thoughtful – “Pensieroso”…

The reason to name this track in Italian is simple.
I lived there for almost three years.
A moving and impressive time.

Probably, Italian is one the most beautiful languages in the world.
Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.
It’s a complicated country.
People aren’t simple over there.
They are beautiful, like all people.
They are difficult, too.

While composing this piece, my thoughts were in Italy.
And thoughts give appearance.

There’s melancholy, theatre, optimism,
passion, anger, frustration, adoration, joy, history, music.

Thoughts are like human beings.
Reflective. Constructive. Creative.
You name it. I played it.

Pensieroso – PianoTweet no.26

Weekend Dream, part 2 – PianoTweet no.23 (Replay)

And the Dreaming goes on and on…

Please, let me Dream!
Coz’ it gives me power,
the Power to create,
to wake up the sources,
it makes me fly…!

And what’s the buzz about the weekend?
Can’t we dream all day, all week, all year?
Our dreams are our engine, our fuel, our navigation source

Let me dream!
Let me dream of paradise.
Let me dream of the stars I’m going to visit.
Let me dream of the eternal I’m going to meet one day.

And in the meantime, while dreaming:
enjoy and keep on dreaming…
With @PianoTweets!

Weekend Dream, part 2 – PianoTweet no.23

Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet no.22 (Replay)

Sometimes I read about people’s dreams in my timeline.
As a human being,
dreaming is one of the most beautiful and intense actions of the brain.

It happens that I dream of orange bombs with long and misty tails,
falling from a clear and deep blue sky.
More than once my dream is the most wonderful thing I know:
my arms function like real wings!
I fly anywhere I want to fly to,
high above woods and fields, cities and houses and… it’s so easy!
And I’ve had my bad dreams too, dear listeners.

In real lifetime, when awake, I dream a lot too.
Light ones and heavy ones.
It’s all happening in my brains.
And it causes always deep feelings.

So, this weekend, it’s Dream Weekend.
Today you hear a bit of my dreams: part 1.
More parts to come….

Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet no.22