Little Diamond – PianoTweet no. 42 (Replay)

(text below written on Febr. 11th 2011)

A diamond is famous for its lightning power.
It’s a very strong, sparkling stone.

A beam of Light shining into a diamond creates
new beams pointing out of that same diamond.
New beams spread and throw
their given light into new directions.

Since the first day of this year I often do feel like a diamond.
Beautiful people let their light shine on me.
And then I feel beams coming out of me.
I want to share my light,
my new beams, with new people.

Listeners to PianoTweets send me back
the beams from their Diamonds.
They let me shine more and more.

And the beams never were so strong.

Little Diamond – PianoTweet no. 42