Simple Beauty – PianoTweet no. 36 (Replay)

I love using my senses:
the ability to hear, to watch, to smell, to taste and to feel.
What a treasure of capacities
we have as human beings…

(Didn’t we have six senses?
Probably the 6th sense is the most important,
the one that’s explored and maintained by the Unconsciousness).

Back to the 5 well known senses,
that feed both our
Consciousness and Unconsciousness.

To observe is the action:
our brains filter, followed by a possible process of storage.
Continuing my exercise in philosophy:
To observe everything
in complete simplicity
causes a deep experience of
the Beauty of all.

The Beauty of all details, of all widespread panoramas,
of all endless small and endless big systems around us.

Maybe this exercise can be as simple as this PianoTweet.
Which is played in A minor.

Read between the lines and listen between the notes.

Simple Beauty – PianoTweet no.36


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