Off Day – PianoTweet no. 35 (Replay)

We all know those days
that our brains seem like sirup, like thick, dark oil.
It’s as if we didn’t really wake up and
remain a sort of medium asleep, medium awake.

Not because of some dramatic fact,
neither some terrible accident,
nor too many drinks or
any other disastrous historical happening.

It just doesn’t match: feelings, brains, body.

A little while ago I improvised this piece.
During an off day.
No real melody,
no clear intro or ending,
no developing lines.

I could’ve called it “Off Piece” as well…
The A major key fits very well to this state of mind.
It’s easy to let it sound bored, without a clear identity.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Off Day – PianoTweet no. 35 (Replay)