Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet no.22 (Replay)

Sometimes I read about people’s dreams in my timeline.
As a human being,
dreaming is one of the most beautiful and intense actions of the brain.

It happens that I dream of orange bombs with long and misty tails,
falling from a clear and deep blue sky.
More than once my dream is the most wonderful thing I know:
my arms function like real wings!
I fly anywhere I want to fly to,
high above woods and fields, cities and houses and… it’s so easy!
And I’ve had my bad dreams too, dear listeners.

In real lifetime, when awake, I dream a lot too.
Light ones and heavy ones.
It’s all happening in my brains.
And it causes always deep feelings.

So, this weekend, it’s Dream Weekend.
Today you hear a bit of my dreams: part 1.
More parts to come….

Weekend Dream, part 1 – PianoTweet no.22