Losing Track – PianoTweet no.12 (Replay)

Probably you know the feeling of being lost…
Literally or metaphoric.
Could happen in the woods, a city or even on the beach.
Or you can get lost mentally,
searching for the right track.

This composition intones questions:
where am I, where to go,
what’s life about, what’s the right choice..?
Life’s not always fun.
Lately I heard somebody say on a radio show:
if life should only be fun, it wouldn’t be challenging.

So go on, on your Lost Track:
it keeps you awake and clear minded and there always is a choice.

And beyond there’s this sound of optimism.
Solutions are waiting,
You’ll find a way…

Losing Track – PianoTweet no.12

Serenade – PianoTweet no.11 (Replay)

Doesn’t every man dream of
singing the most beautiful song for a beloved person?

This piece could be a suggestion for the melody.
That’s just what it is, a Serenade,
sung before a love’s veranda…

It was composed in the same period as yesterday’s PianoTweet.
The scale is C sharp minor,
a scale that (for my ears) has a dramatic and melancholic power.

But still:
Enjoy the music @ PianoTweets!

Serenade – PianoTweet no.11

Cadence – PianoTweet no.10 (Replay)

Cadence, in musical issues,
especially the classical ones, is a part of a composition
which is meant as a kind of “reserved area” for the soloist.

The area to present some show, to perform at the maximum.
For example in exposure, technical skills, musicality or even virtuosity.
Let’s say: a place of freedom.
Maybe even a paradise?

Today’s PianoTweet is a small version (139 notes) of a D minor piece.
The original was composed in 1998, just a few days after buying my grandpiano!

History always lives… 🙂

Cadence – PianoTweet no.10

Looking for Harmony – PianoTweet #9 (Replay)

Changing a small detail can
change many proportions and perspectives.
That’s what can happen when making music.

“Looking for Harmony” could last forever, in fact.
Because changing one note (listen carefully in the left hand)
changes the atmosphere.

Today’s PianoTweet is written in D major,
a warm and soft scale gives a strong feeling at the same time.
Like harmony can give us…

Looking for Harmony – PianoTweet #9

Carousel – PianoTweet no.8 (Replay)

When playing this piece,
my hands were moving one way to and from another.
It gave me the sensation of being in a fair.

Observing my fantasy more thoroughly and
creating pictures in my mind of that particular environment,
I experienced flashing lights and colors,
energetic activity and sounds all around me…!

This piece is written in C flat minor, that has
– according my honest opinion –
a very lively and positive character.

When I was a little guy,
my music teacher at school told that
minor keys in general represent a heavier and somehow sad atmosphere.
I have another opinion 🙂

Carousel – PianoTweet no.8

Why Hurry? – PianoTweet #6 (original)

It’s fluid, it’s modern,
it’s like the electronic times,
like social media.

Due to a moment of very fast fingers,
the former published version of PianoTweet #6
lasted only 20 seconds.
Now I decided to publish a longer version.

A little bit more than 140 played notes, I must admit.
Besides that, I want to suggest the following question:
“Why Hurry?”

Why Hurry? – PianoTweet #6 (original)

Inner World – PianoTweet no. 7 (Replay)

I like to associate
the repeating singing theme with circles in our minds.

The major and minor third chords moving up an down
could illustrate various human moods.

What’s your association?
Let me know on pianotweets@gmail.com!

This piece was originally composed in 2009
and has been arranged for more instruments.

Inner World – PianoTweet no. 7

(replay of January 7th 2011)