The Best Ever – PianoTweet no.16 (Replay)

Today the past sounds again, but now literally.
I recorded the original of this piece in the late 80’s.
Duration 7 mins 17 secs.

The reason for choosing this title is simple:
it was the best and the most beautiful grand piano I ever played on.
A real Bösendorfer Concert Grand! Length: 2.90 m.
At the bass side extra keys were situated:
black painted and extended to an extra low C key.
Maybe the best description for the instrument is:

I composed this music for a theatral production.
During the last minutes of this performance
the spectators were watching one of the actresses,
playing she was dying
at the end of the performance.

Like future tells us:
The real best has yet to come.

The Best Ever – PianoTweet no.16