Daily Life – PianoTweet 499

Daily Life.
A word that suggests something regular,
sometimes interesting, sometimes boring,
sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.

Daily Life
also contains changes,
developing another life,
new choices.

My daily life is up to change.
It’s open, it’s ready to new inputs and outputs.

All PianoTweets are part of My daily life.
And for others too.
After one year and almost 9 months this daily life will change.

Therefore PianoTweets in its normal form will change.
After PianoTweet no. 500 – which will be published on September 27th
there will be no new compositions for a while.

Earlier PianoTweets will be repeated instead
since there’s a huge archive to choose from.

A daily life and a steady rhythm will change somehow.
There will be other priorities.
There will be new developments.

Stay tuned and enjoy this Original recording!

Daily Life – PianoTweet 499