Movements – PianoTweet 479 (Faziolian Summer Series no.14)

Notes and chords move from one to another,
like all steps and movements we do in life.

Like a mirror is this piece.
About those steps.
Some are to be expected, some very unexpected.

Chords and notes seem to be in logical order, in harmony.
Then suddenly
the change,
the movement.

A movement can be predictable and logical.
Another one can cause a moving earthquake.

Movements – PianoTweet 479 (Faziolian Summer Series no.13)

Story on Piano – PianoTweet 478 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.13)

Some people are magicians in telling stories.
With words.
Told by their lips and tongue,
written on paper or otherwise.

In music, stories are told through notes.

When notes are played,
the instrument player can transfer
happenings, emotions, thoughts to notes.
That’s what a musical story is about.

I’m playing piano with my fingers,
but even more with my heart and my mind
offering you a story.

Story on Piano – PianoTweet 478 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.13)

Treasure Sleep – PianoTweet 477 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.12)

My ideal Sleep is a Treasure
I am always looking for.

My sleep provides silence and peace.
The best there is.

Input and output seem to be gone for a while.
The Subconsciousness awakes.
The Consciousness takes a pause.

The Treasures contain many answers.
Answers that are hidden in the Subconscious’ secret.

We have to ask and to wish.
And find our ideal sleep.

Treasure Sleep – PianoTweet 477 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.12)

Plan Your Rest – PianoTweet 476 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.11)

I said to someone:
“Get your calendar and plan your rest.
Like you normally plan your work”.

We should reservate some time each day
and have a serious break.

To breathe,
to reflect,
to be silent,
to close eyes and ears,
to look only at the inside.

It could change a lot for us all.

Plan Your Rest – PianoTweet 476 (Faziolian Summer Series, no.11)

Longing – PianoTweet 475 (Faziolian Summer Series no.10)


A subject that could be a subject for a PianoTweet everyday.
Underneath and beyond all human behaviour
the intention to be good, to look beautiful and to feel happy.

And like a mirror, the world’s looking at us.

Why don’t we consider our world with only one goal:
to keep our world and ourselves in shape, healthy and happy.

It feels as a rather easy task:
a clean sky, some quiet and harmonic music,
maybe even a complete silence,
peace in our hearts.

I’ll keep this forever in my heart and
I will continue to reach out this longing.

Longing – PianoTweet (Faziolian Summer Series, no.10)

The beauty of being shy – PianoTweet 474 (Faziolian Summer Series no.9)

A person is a habitat of many contradictions.

When observing myself,
I see a part that’s very open and communicative.

On the other hand
there’s a part that loves
to be alone and silent.

The more I think about it,
it appears to be peaceful.
Enjoying a road, so beautiful
to walk as an individual.

One could mention it as being shy.

The beauty of being shy – PianoTweet 474 (Faziolian Summer Series no.9)