Flight – PianoTweet 482 (Faziolian Summer Series no.17)

This PianoTweet is another new variation on one of my favorite themes.
A theme I composed in the spring of 2003.

Through the years it’s become a musical metaphore of my flights in life.

My flight from country to country,
from job to job,
from life to life,
from one musical style to another musical style.

To fly is a way of life;
a way of moving myself through today’s life.
Away from something to something.
And towards again.

In my dreams I really do fly.
From one point to another.

It’s said that a person should not fly.
But somehow, flying makes me happy,
it releases me and
it creates a new perspective.

After a flight it’s so peaceful and immense to rest.

Flight – PianoTweet 482 (Faziolian Summer Series no.17)