Sweet and Complicated – PianoTweet 447

A great, significant combination
that can be heard in this music:
a melody that’s searching for growth,
packed in a cluster of notes
and moving between shifting rhythm patterns.
As if none of them knows how to behave.

Like a human’s mind
that searches to realize
a balance between
its internal forces

Sweet and Complicated – PianoTweet 447

Comfort Zone – PianoTweets 445

Words that often are used these days:
Comfort Zone.

It’s said that “getting someone out of the Comfort Zone”
can have great effects in developing personality issues.
To create insights, space, relief.
And that’s true.
In a way.

On the contrary, I sometimes prefer
to stay in my Comfort Zone.
No disturbance, no input, just me and myself.

Which can be very peaceful and safe.
Let me choose my Comfort Zone.
And leave me there whenever I want.

Comfort Zone – PianoTweet 445

Expectations – PianoTweet 444

Someone asked me:
“Tell me, what do you expect?”

In fact, I do not expect anything at all.
Maybe there’s hope,
maybe there’s not.

Expecting nothing means
more freedom,
no needs, no greeds.

The more days my life counts,
the less I expect from anyone or anything.

Thinking deeply about that
creates more rest,
freedom and peace
in my mind and my heart.

Expectations – PianoTweet 444

Mini – PianoTweet 443

Mini is small.
It’s all there, on a tiny micro area.
Mini is the one raindrop of a heavy shower.
Mini is the very small little moment
containing all information.

We all search the Big and Great Things.
And that’s difficult.

Searching inside the Mini
is far more difficult, probably.

Because it contains all existing secrets as well:
these are by far less visible or audible.

Mini – PianoTweet 443