D minor Dynamics – PianoTweet 432

I talked with a good friend about Dynamics.

Dynamics in music is about
frontiers in levels, speed, silence, noise and sound…

It seems to me
Dynamics in life are about the same.

What’s your area,
your territory in
Is it about level, speed, silence or noise and rumor?

Dynamics are needed
in creating balance
for All that matters.

D minor Dynamics – PianoTweet 432

Freedom Voices – PianoTweet 430

The widely spreaded notes
played from down to up
and back again,
illustrate the freedom we all deserve.

On this particular day it’s
the Dutch Liberation day.

Every day should be a liberation day.
To be free from burdens of all kinds.

That’s what mankind needs most,
that’s what we all deserve
all of our world.

Freedom Voices – PianoTweet 430

The Unexpected Path – PianoTweet 428

“The Path you expected goes another Way”

This is both
a translation,
an explanation,
an interpretation,
a synthesis
a saying, a sentence
I read somewhere in some place.

It simply explains we can not,
in no way, by no matters, know,
what Future has in mind.

We all want to know
the Future.
We all try, in many ways, to see
the Path.

And what we expected or
what we were waiting for
happens in another way.

The Unexpected Path – PianoTweet 428