Small Step Aside – PianoTweet 420

Anyone needs a break sometimes.
To overview, to reflect, to think.

I call it a small step aside.
To look all the way, to listen around, to feel the magnetics.
And to withdraw oneselve a moment or two.
Or even more when needed.

I observe my own step aside as a small one.

The perspectives change dramatically.

Nothing is the same anymore.

A small step aside might change all.

Small Step Aside – PianoTweet 420

Project, part 4 – PianoTweet 419

The next variation on a theme that
was born a little while ago.
The more I play it, the more it grows.

Notice the use of the pedals,
especially the sustain pedal.
Which causes the notes
to merge more and more:
almost like a choir that starts singing.

Like this the final version comes closer.
Because a new born is given growth.

Project, part 4 – PianoTweet 419

Mysteries – PianoTweet 418

When playing this piece,
I thought about everything I do not understand.

I concluded I don’t understand very much.

The more I observe, listen and look around,
the more I feel energies from any source,
the less I understand of what’s real,
of what’s really around me.

Of course, I slightly do support some theories about
how we humans pressume
the All is constructed,
how It’s functions are.
In science, in spirituality, in religion, in humanity.

Maybe I should even admit that
I really do not understand anything at all.

At the same time it is a clear and great consciousness to live with.
The understanding of one mystery opens
so many other mysteries at the same time.

To illustrate a bit of my search,
I played some hidden melody lines performed by the left hand.
Listen carefully to those mysterious voices.

Mysteries – PianoTweet 418

Loneliness – PianoTweet 416

Loneliness contains:
silence, rest, reflection.
It is independence, sovereignty.

It’s very good to be lonely.
The meaning of this loneliness is
to let go many burdens.

Loneliness often is considered to be negative.
Most of times, someone who supports loneliness,
might be seen as poor.
As if it’s someone who’s in need of
something else or someone else.

In search of the essence in this life,
in the Being in Self,
surrounded by today’s hectic,
loneliness can be an effective instrument to descend
into the deeper spaces of the consciousness.

Loneliness – PianoTweet 416

Valley Flight – PianoTweet 415

Some dreams are from far away,
some others from very near.

Sometimes I dream of flying or falling.
I have to do both,
without dying at all.

I fly around skycrapers,
crushed houses in old cities,
between trees in large woods,
above sweet green valleys.

When flying or falling
I hear this kind of very quiet chords
and some whistles of the wind,
passing my ears.

Valley Flight – PianoTweet 415

With all my Heart – PianoTweet 414

I played this music yesterday.
I played music last week.
I played last month.
Last year too.
Almost every year of my life.

As far as I know
I played all PianoTweets
with all my Heart.
I played all music filled with every emotion.
Many melodies and songs I played by heart.

All PianoTweets are involved with my own deep Passion and Love.

Like this one.
An earlier version of 31st March’s PianoTweet (no. 412)

Enjoy it – as long as it’s available.

Because even PianoTweets might come to an end…

With all my Heart – PianoTweet 414