Mysteries – PianoTweet 418

When playing this piece,
I thought about everything I do not understand.

I concluded I don’t understand very much.

The more I observe, listen and look around,
the more I feel energies from any source,
the less I understand of what’s real,
of what’s really around me.

Of course, I slightly do support some theories about
how we humans pressume
the All is constructed,
how It’s functions are.
In science, in spirituality, in religion, in humanity.

Maybe I should even admit that
I really do not understand anything at all.

At the same time it is a clear and great consciousness to live with.
The understanding of one mystery opens
so many other mysteries at the same time.

To illustrate a bit of my search,
I played some hidden melody lines performed by the left hand.
Listen carefully to those mysterious voices.

Mysteries – PianoTweet 418