The Soft Inside – PianoTweet 389

There are moments I talk to myself:
“You must this”,
“You have to do that” or
“You should be like that”…

Probably you know the mechanism.
It feels as if being too severe to oneself.

A fine instrument to resolve this is
to turn the attention inside.
To caress the own heart,
with love and compassion.

Being your own best friend and your most beloved one.

The Soft Inside – PianoTweet 389

Another Goodbye – PianoTweet 388

A fabulous singer died.
Whitney Houston.
A super talented musician dies earlier than the average age.

As if extreme talents burn down to an end faster than normal.
As if their bodies and minds aren’t resistent against such a big flame.
As if their talent does not always fit this life’s limitations.

We sometimes have to say Goodbye sooner than early.

Another Goodbye – PianoTweet 388

Deep Confusion – PianoTweet 385

It happens to everyone, so it happens to me.
A subject that’s always inspiring.

I’m not always happy and I’m not always sad.
I’m a lot of in between.

When being in darkness, I see many lights.
When being in full light, some dark points are confusing.

It occurs many days that the contrasts are very signifcant.
Sharp light accompanies small crossovers to complete shadows.

Deep Confusion – PianoTweet 385

(Original’s length: 2 min 24 secs)

Spacy Sound – PianoTweet 384

When recording a PianoTweet,
I sometimes add an “effect” to the sound of the piano.

An effect, added to the original sound,
creates the sensation of another room
than the one where the recording itself took place.
It’s possible to create for example
a small room or a large concert hall.

For this piece I chose a rather spacy atmosphere.

It feels like space.
Like flying.
Flying anywhere and in any possible direction.
Totally free.

Spacy Sound – PianoTweet 384

(Original’s length: 1 min 29 secs)

Freezing Time – PianoTweet 383

This PianoTweet is played in a very cold studio,
because there was a small problem with the heating.

My fingers were not frozen, nor my piano, nor the studio equipment.
But still it was difficult to move…

I don’t know why but
it made me think of the Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

If I could freeze Time,
and the music still sounded like this?
What could have happened with everything else?

Music doesn’t worry.
Music freezes Time.

Freezing Time – PianoTweet 383

(Original’s length: 1 min 56 secs)