Experiment at Large (reprise) – PianoTweet 366

Dear Listeners and Followers!

I wish you a very healthy and happy 2012!

Thank you all for the past year 2011:
for your support and encouraging messages,
letters, mails, retweets, mentions and everything else
that’s possible by this superb communication tool: the internet.

Without all your reactions expressed along the world wide web
it wouldn’t have been possible at all
to present my PianoTweets to such a large audience.

A musician with an audience is like an eternal cyclic movement.
Reactions keep creativity alive and feeds inspiration.

I am very satisfied being able to continue this most challenging project.
It’s a life’s mission to me.

My favourite PianoTweet of the Year 2011.

The first version of this piece “Experiment at Large” appeared June 3rd 2011:
Listen here

Since then I played various versions and improvisations
of this composition during many rehearsals,
PianoTweets Concerts and private home concerts.

It offers many harmonic variations and reflects
numerous atmospheres and emotions at a time.

Enjoy this first PianoTweet in the year of 2012!

Experiment at Large (reprise) – PianoTweet 366

(Original version’s length: 2 min 12 secs).

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Read the PianoTweets 2012 Newsletter no.1

One thought on “Experiment at Large (reprise) – PianoTweet 366

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