Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

Proudly presenting this Year’s last PianoTweet…

The first year of PianoTweets’ Life was a remarkable one.

It all started with “Prototype”, a recording of a last minute improvisation.
A recording that did not yet take place on the Grand piano in the studio.

Lots of compositions passed, a good deal of improvisations as well.
Some organisation and programming errors occured,
even a period during the summer there was sickness.
There was a PianoTweets Puzzle.
There were 3 Series:
The “B flat minor” Series,
the “Sono Dio” Series and
last but not least, following the 5th Circle:
the “The Final Touch” Series.

Every day it has been an inspiring and challenging goal to publish 365 PianoTweets daily.

I must admit it hasn’t been easy at all.
But, after all, a very satisfying experience.

The most significant effort was how to learn to open my creativity’s source.
After a while I recognized how to reach a point of concentration
from where I could get into contact with the Source.
Very often I had the feeling the Source tuned in from outside,
beyond my own will,
something I couldn’t get a grip on:
and I even did not want to get that grip.
Just to let it flow.

However, it happened: I opened my doors, I let it in and that Source feeded me, almost day after day.

Second point was how to realize all technical and programming stuff.
And there was a lot to do maintaining all contacts growing through the social media.

It is a Dream that came to life – day by day, step by step.

The Circle of Fifths, “The Final Touch” Series has come to an end today.
All 24 chords have been played.
And I will play them again, again and again.
Tomorrow a new Circle will start and open.

I have to go on.
An invisible power pushes me to look forward and to keep the goal alive:
give a musical moment of rest to the people I know –
either directly or either only by name or nickname through the social media.
Besides, it’s almost a therapy to myself.

The year of 2012 – starting tomorrow – will offer a PianoTweet every odd day.
That means every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th day and so on.

For more details, please read the Newsletter “PianoTweets in 2012” (in Dutch & English).
Stay tuned and enjoy!

Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

2 thoughts on “Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

  1. En vergeet de pianotweet van de maand niet!
    Je mag trots op jezelf zijn: wat een prestatie heb je afgelopen jaar verricht.
    Proost Joost. Op het einde wat een nieuw begin is.

    • Dank je wel, Annemoon!
      Voor alle support van het afgelopen jaar.

      En ook omdat je als één van de eersten een abonnement hebt genomen.
      Heel goed voor de inspiratie!

      Another year filled with PianoTweets…


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