Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365

Proudly presenting this Year’s last PianoTweet…

The first year of PianoTweets’ Life was a remarkable one.

It all started with “Prototype”, a recording of a last minute improvisation.
A recording that did not yet take place on the Grand piano in the studio.

Lots of compositions passed, a good deal of improvisations as well.
Some organisation and programming errors occured,
even a period during the summer there was sickness.
There was a PianoTweets Puzzle.
There were 3 Series:
The “B flat minor” Series,
the “Sono Dio” Series and
last but not least, following the 5th Circle:
the “The Final Touch” Series.

Every day it has been an inspiring and challenging goal to publish 365 PianoTweets daily.

I must admit it hasn’t been easy at all.
But, after all, a very satisfying experience.

The most significant effort was how to learn to open my creativity’s source.
After a while I recognized how to reach a point of concentration
from where I could get into contact with the Source.
Very often I had the feeling the Source tuned in from outside,
beyond my own will,
something I couldn’t get a grip on:
and I even did not want to get that grip.
Just to let it flow.

However, it happened: I opened my doors, I let it in and that Source feeded me, almost day after day.

Second point was how to realize all technical and programming stuff.
And there was a lot to do maintaining all contacts growing through the social media.

It is a Dream that came to life – day by day, step by step.

The Circle of Fifths, “The Final Touch” Series has come to an end today.
All 24 chords have been played.
And I will play them again, again and again.
Tomorrow a new Circle will start and open.

I have to go on.
An invisible power pushes me to look forward and to keep the goal alive:
give a musical moment of rest to the people I know –
either directly or either only by name or nickname through the social media.
Besides, it’s almost a therapy to myself.

The year of 2012 – starting tomorrow – will offer a PianoTweet every odd day.
That means every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th day and so on.

For more details, please read the Newsletter “PianoTweets in 2012” (in Dutch & English).
Stay tuned and enjoy!

Finish Line – “The Final Touch” Series, no.24 – PianoTweet 365