Quintessence – “The Final Touch” Series, no.7 – PianoTweet 348

Listen to your intuition,
watch your 6th sense,
give a stage to your inner voice and
your internal slideshows of images.

That’s what the Quintessence is
for every human being.

I have to learn
every day again and again.
to “obey” my own core.

The sound or the image isn’t always that clear.
Meditation might take us closer to our Quintessence.

Quintessence – “The Final Touch” Series, no.7 – PianoTweet 348

This PianoTweet is written in F sharp minor,
one of my favorite keys.
Besides that: this is an extended PianoTweet!
More extended PianoTweets are coming up
during the last weeks of the year,
as a present for you all.