Around the Circle – “The Final Touch” Series no.1 – PianoTweet 342

“Around the Circle” is the first piece of
the Series “The Final Touch”.

The idea of this Series is a kind of a countdown.
Today included, we are 24 days away from the end of the Year.

In musical theory 12 keys are known.
A key name can be for example a “C”, an “A”, an “F”, to name a few.
They are all put together in a system, the “Circle of Fifth”.

Each key has a major and a minor “side”: put together in 2 circles, related to each other.
Each one with a different sound, a unique atmosphere.
Simply said and multiplied, we got 24 ways to go.

The point of departure in this Series “The Final Touch” is somehow different than normal:
it starts with the c minor, as seen in the inner circle and
written with a small character (usually the point of departure is C major).


Around the Circle – “The Final Touch” Series, no.1 – PianoTweet 342