Bonus PianoTweet – “Where am I?”

This PianoTweet was inspired by a text written by Marja Willems.
She’s one of my artistic Muses during the PianoTweets Concert projects.
We now performed two times – together with Deborah Meeder, my other Muse 🙂
And we hope to continue in 2012!

Marja’s blog “Hier ben ik” (“Here I am”) is written in Dutch, read it here

Follow her blog “Zichtbaar”!

The music:
Where am I? – Bonus PianoTweet

My Own World – PianoTweet 336

Lifting up my looks from my own World,
I always discover a Heaven.

My own World is safe and empathic.
Someone says that Heaven seems a better place.

I can travel up, far and straight away,
into my Heaven.
Then turn back into my Own World.

And still be happy.

Both are full of Dreams.
The best of both is there
to welcome me.

My Own World – PianoTweet 336