Performance Day – PianoTweet 331

Today it’s Performance Day.
Up to the 2nd PianoTweets Concert!
With poet and spoken word performer Deborah Meeder and writer Marja Willems.
They will spread their Words around the Music.

Preparations are done,
a positive and curious tension is growing,
as is the silence of the night before.

Performing always is a great experience:
a sort of a Basic Event.

No one – not even myself –
what’s it gonna be,
how it’s gonna sound
how it’s going to feel.

I will enjoy!

Performance Day – PianoTweet 331

2 thoughts on “Performance Day – PianoTweet 331

  1. Oh, Joost. The Concert was Wonderful – Truthfully Full of Wonder! It Sounded Magnificent! And it felt Magical, Emotionally Moving, Inspiring and More…….Thank You.


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