A Falling Leaflet – PianoTweet 298

It might be as simple as this PianoTweet.
A few notes, climbing up, crawling a bit and falling down.

Lasting a few seconds and then it’s gone.
Like a leaflet falling from the autumn tree.

It’s born, it grows, it lives for a while, it falls down and it dies.
From the fallen leaflet new life will be born.

Did you ever watch
how the leaflet
follows certain patterns and
almost predefined traces?

A Falling Leaflet – PianoTweet 298

Emotional Letters – PianoTweet 297

The past weekend delivered some emotional letters.
Some friends found themselves in difficulties.

It’s obvious that all content is confidential.
But I can share my emotions with you, expressed in music.

Should every week start with an optimistic, jumping and joyful melody?
Of course not: life never checks any calendar, any weekday, any moment.

Filled with joy and laughter, pain and tears,
activity, silence, weakness or power:
The Letter of Life is always as complete as possible.

Emotional Letters – PianoTweet 297

Part of All – PianoTweet 296

Lately it’s one of my favourite subjects:
the sand in the desert,
the waterdrop in the sea,
the individual human being in the mass.

Anything moves
caused by their particular and unique movement.

It’s important to observe.

I hear my music,
move my fingers,
give a flow to my hands:
and All cause a movement in my world.

And reach out for a better Heaven.

Part of All – PianoTweet 296

Hand from Heaven – PianoTweet 295

This is a PianoTweet on Demand.

Read the story behind in this blog, which was written by Marja Willems.

Hand from Heaven

Everyone is free to order a PianoTweet on Demand.
If there is a subject or an event
that you wish to be accompanied by a special composition from me,
feel free to inform.
This is a paid service.
The price depends on the desired length of the composition.
Send your question to: info@pianotweets.com

Contrast – PianoTweet 294

It’s about yesterday.
At the start of the day I felt very peaceful and quiet.

Then I got a personal message from a sweet friend that shocked me.
A little while after that a worldwide message arrived and
a lot of news facts about
the developing story in Lybia.

And again the Contrast of All touched me deeply.

A personal story touches much more than “big” stories.
It’s closer, stronger, more intimate.

And remember:
yet, the “small” story is the model for the “big” one.

Contrast – PianoTweet 294

From Low to High – PianoTweet 293

Starting on the lower keys and
climbing up with my hands to higher keys.
It’s how Life is.

We all meet “Lows” and “Highs”,
as they say in weather forecasts.

During this year all PianoTweets reflect the same issue:
Lows and Highs, Downs and Ups.

Let’s be human, respect everyone:
because everyone’s travelling from Low to High, from High to Low, and Up again…

Enjoy this PianoTweet!

From Low to High – PianoTweet 293

I miss You – PianoTweet 292

A subject and a theme.

The subject is old and well known.
The theme is new.

It’s an improvisation I played during
the first PianoTweets Concert the 25th of September.

Right before playing that music, one of my co performers,
Marja Willems,
spoke out her blog text “I miss you”.

Read here the original text that inspired me so much (in Dutch).
Thank you, Marja!

After finding out the notes of the improvisation,
I re-recorded the theme.

And all day, and still,
I’m strongly aware of the emotion caused by
missing someone, or something.
A very deep emotional experience.

Realising this: “to miss” is very similar to “not having hit”.

I miss You – PianoTweet 292