The Steps I made – PianoTweet 300

I’m a walker on my path, all alone, sometimes accompanied,
but all choices and movements finally are mine.

The path is made by steps.
Looking forward, a path is what we see in front of us or
how we imagine where our next steps will go.

Looking the other way (which is looking back),
I made some big steps in my life as well as many small ones.

As a child I grew up in a very severe, religious atmosphere.
To know its origin better, I moved to Norway and stayed for 2 years.
I bursted out of there and ran away, taking many steps at a time.
Back to my homeland.
Because I couldn’t imagine myself being a prisoner in a religion.

I worked in a broadcast company for 22 years.
Then I jumped out, sold almost everything I owned and emigrated again, but now to Italy.
Again many steps in a short time.
But after a while I didn’t see a path anymore.

I remigrated into the Netherlands in 2004.
After some time of reflection and work
I decided to follow a big dream:
to work for myself, on my own,
all based on my wish to compose music.

I get closer and closer to the fulfillment of this important dream,
which slowly becomes real in the PianoTweets project.
A project with many possibilities and space for creativity,
but in fact, this path is a soloist’s path as well.

I will always be a walker with only my steps.

The Steps I made – PianoTweet 300

(I’m grateful to Marja Willems, inspiring me with this blog about a walker).

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