PianoTweets Concert “Dichter bij de Piano”

Eerste editie gemist?
Tweede Live Concert van PianoTweets!

“Dichter bij de Piano”

Joost Brands, piano

Woordelijke opluistering door
schrijver Marja Willems en
dichter/spoken word performer Deborah Meeder

• Wanneer: Zondag 27 November van 15.00 uur tot 17:00 uur
• Locatie: Parnassos – Cultureel Centrum van de Universiteit Utrecht, Kruisstraat 201, 3581 GK Utrecht
• Kaarten
€ 10,00 in de voorverkoop via de webwinkel “PLUS” van PianoTweets
€ 12,50 aan de kassa


Missed the first edition?
Here’s the Second PianoTweets Concert!

“Closer to the Piano”
by Joost Brands

Accompanied by
writer Marja Willems and
poet/spoken word performer Deborah Meeder

• When: Sunday 27th of November, 3.00 pm5.00 pm
• Location: Parnassos – Cultural Centre at the University of Utrecht, Kruisstraat 201, 3581 GK Utrecht
• Tickets:
€ 10,00 through the PianoTweets’ Webshop PLUS
€ 12,50 at the entrance

October Night – PianoTweet 286

Some of PianoTweets’ listeners
do not sleep much at night.
It sometimes happens to your composer as well…

One of the listeners wrote this little poem
dedicated to the night.

“O, if only I was the night,
I could disappear by day
and, like the night,
shine my light”.

October Night – PianoTweet 286

(This PianoTweet is a Sample.
About a Sample – Read this).

PianoTweets’ Samples and Originals

  • The “Sample” is the actual PianoTweet.

The free version, as published every day, accessible to everyone.
It’s the version that contains the maximum of 140 notes of piano music.

  • The “Original” usually exceeds the number of 140 notes.

It is a longer piece: the composition is more complete and worked out.

Here’s an example of the difference:

In a few weeks PianoTweets’ policy will be changed.
Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, keep enjoying the daily PianoTweets!