Step by Step – PianoTweet 266

More and more
Step by Step

Life to Life
Life to Death
Death to Life
Breath to Breath

You can’t Walk
without learning
how to do your 1st Step

Don’t try Step 2
until you know all about Step 1.

Don’t forget about the Step
when thinking about Walking

This PianoTweet is Another Step
On the walk of all PianoTweets

Step by Step – PianoTweet 266

Call a Name – PianoTweet 265

What’s in a Name?
It’s language.

My name “Joost” means Justice, orginally from Latin.
My name has a meaning.

Language always has a meaning, a history, it’s fragile, subjective, private, personal.
All words have a meaning.
In every language the meaning of a word or a name can be different.

Take care:
calling a name has a meaning, a consequence.

Enjoy this PianoTweet, meanwhile being conscious about language and meanings.

Call a Name – PianoTweet 265

Next Day – PianoTweets 264

So many beautiful presents, congrats and attentions for my birthday!

I’m still smiling and feeling very happy.
All these many reactions really moved me.

Again I discovered
how many people love me,
how many people I do love.

I’m going to enjoy This Next Day!

And taking care of every day
following after that one.

As if it is always
the Next Day.

Next Day – PianoTweets 264

Puzzle Completed – PianoTweets 263 (extended)


Today is my birthday.
54 years completed.
A 54 years old Puzzle is Completed: so far, so good.

I’m happy about the result.
I’ll be still more happy about the upcoming results.

Another puzzle that’s completed,
that’s this PianoTweet.

I almost forgot to publish the Completion of it.
Like I forgot to publish myself more than once
during the past 54 years 😉

Enjoy my Birthday and
this PianoTweet!

PuzzleCompleted – PianoTweets 263

A Piece of Future – PianoTweet 261

By listening to people
one can learn a lot.

There’s very much talking about the past.
Maybe even more talking about the future.

A lot of time is invested in this the question:
“What if…?”
Isn’t that a waste?
Puzzling around and around with the Pieces of Future?

At the same time this looking ahead
has a vital function in daily life:
to create our dreams
from all those small Pieces of Future.

A Piece of Future – PianoTweet 261

Trouble Shooter Music – PianoTweet 260

This is an uncomplicated melody.
I suggest to call it Trouble Shooter Music.

If you really do concentrate on this musical atmosphere,
this PianoTweet might help you to solve some of your problems.

Like a new ray of light
shining on your heavy thoughts.

Listen and
Forget everything around you
for just one moment… 🙂

Trouble Shooter Music – PianoTweet 260