About the PianoTweets Holiday Puzzle

About the PianoTweets Holiday Puzzle

Every day one PIECE of the puzzle will be published.

  • A PIECE is a part of a complete work for piano.
    The complete work has been cut into 10 pieces of audio (mp3).
  • Collect the pieces and put them together
    in the one and only right order.

There are different ways to do so:

  • Use f.e.  iTunes or Windows Mediaplayer by making a playlist.

A bit more technical way for some of you:

  • Use Audacity to put the parts in the right order.
    It’s open and free software, available for both Windows and Mac computers.
    And easy to learn.


Organise a party with at least 10 friends, right after publication of the last piece (no. 10).
Take care that everyone has a mobile phone, a tablet or laptop computer;
each with a different piece of the audio puzzle.

So now, by playing the different parts one after the other,
you all together might find the right sequence.


There’s a nice price for the FIRST TEN email submissions with the right solution.

How can you win?

  1. Start a new email to puzzle@pianotweets.com
  2. Write down your solution of the sequence the audio pieces should be placed in.
    Like this: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 This is NOT the right solution, it’s just an example.
  3. Please write some feedback about the Puzzle.
    Writing tips: did you like it, did you not, easy or difficult, how did you solve it, did you use specific software on your computer and so on…
    I very much appreciate this or any other feedback.
  4. Write down your postal address. This address will be used ONLY for sending you a possible price.
  5. Send the email to puzzle@pianotweets.com

Please be patient for some days until the solution is published.
If you win, you will be informed.
Your price will be sent to your home address.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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