Stairs – PianoTweet 206


Up or down, whatever you need.

“Stairs” is a metaphore for a process,
to travel from A to B,
to get into another place.
Maybe a better one.

I remember the 20 Steps of the Stairs
a sweet friend taught me during a guided meditation.

I went into a slight trance and went down
to meet a part of my Unconscious.
I learned to ask my Unconscious for help.
Because the Unconscious knows all.

Since that day this image of the 20 steps of the Stairs
keeps me moving, travelling, discovering and evolving.


Stairs – PianoTweet 206

Mixed Emotional Nocturn – PianoTweet 205

Many moving experiences in one day:

Rain that never seems to stop
Sweet friends
A lovely breakfast
An unquiet sea
Important people
2 Very Small Cats
A caring and loving partner
Very delicious ice cream with cream and liquor
An exciting cycling final match
Big aeroplane ascending right above my head
News about the death of a great artist
Strange behaviour in traffic by a car driver
A beautiful, silent, black grandpiano
Sadness about the terror disaster in Norway
Friendly personnel in a big store
Great fun with a probable new friend
Clouds running along the sky
A nice glass of red wine

Finding silence Inside.

Mixed Emotional Nocturn – PianoTweet 205

Compassion with the Norwegians – PianoTweet 204 (extended)

It scared me what happened in Oslo.
The disaster, the fear, the panic, the pain…

Imagine, I lived there in the 70’s.
At a distance of appr. 5 kilometers from the centre
where the attacks shattered the city of Oslo.
From a distance I once saw Utøya,
“The Isle Outside”.

I had a good time over there;
the people were nice and friendly,
in general, the times were more friendly then.

I’m not that kind of person saying that “the Past was a better Time”.
But the hatred, the fanatism and the vulgarity in our world
increases in a way that makes me sad more than once.

My compassion is with the Norwegians.

Compassion with the Norwegians – PianoTweet 204

It sounds like This – PianoTweet 203

When it sounds like This,
I’m very close to MySelf

Giving something to everyone
with a warm feeling,
everyone that chooses to listen.

I’m satisfied about this position,
this opportunity, this privilege.

Sharing and offer a look inside.
Everyone for her or his own’s sake.

Getting near everyone with This:
sound, music, feeling, message, presence, attention.
A musical moment of rest.

A moment for yourself could sound like This.

It sounds like This – PianoTweet 203

Twinkling Improvisation – PianoTweet 202

Improvising all the way
makes me feel happy and light,
it causes stress to leave,
takes away heavy and dark thoughts…

And last but not least;
ideas can be born,
like this PianoTweet.
Where rhythm variations
and harmonice movements
stimulate the invention.

The original recording of this improvisation was rather extended,
so I shortened it…
It will be worked out into a “ready” composition,
I promise!

Twinkling Improvisation – PianoTweet 202

Good Vibes and Harmonics – PianoTweet 201

When I look deep inside
in all lightened and dark corners,
where all breathing
feeds the cells,
I stumble upon the Vibes

When I listen up and down
my ears in open space
cleared by the Harmonics
I notice more and more Vibes

I meet the Vibes
I feel the Peace
the internal Softness

The Search
in the Inside
resulted in Harmonics.

The Circle has born.

Good Vibes and Harmonics – PianoTweet 201

Synthesis – PianoTweet 200 > Extended!

Dear Listeners!
I’m celebrating again a new Milestone:
200 PianoTweets!

I made a Synthesis of my beloved themes, modulations, chords, moods, emotions and so on.
But it could change every day.
This is just a flash, a moment.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to have made it this far and I’ll go on:
Provide a PianoTweet every day for all listeners and followers.

There’s some exciting news too:

I’m working on an APP, Yes!
Soon an App for iPhone users and probably a bit later for other operating systems,
the one and only real “PianoTweets App” will be born!

So stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.
And meanwhile:


Synthesis – PianoTweets 200