Compassion with the Norwegians – PianoTweet 204 (extended)

It scared me what happened in Oslo.
The disaster, the fear, the panic, the pain…

Imagine, I lived there in the 70’s.
At a distance of appr. 5 kilometers from the centre
where the attacks shattered the city of Oslo.
From a distance I once saw Utøya,
“The Isle Outside”.

I had a good time over there;
the people were nice and friendly,
in general, the times were more friendly then.

I’m not that kind of person saying that “the Past was a better Time”.
But the hatred, the fanatism and the vulgarity in our world
increases in a way that makes me sad more than once.

My compassion is with the Norwegians.

Compassion with the Norwegians – PianoTweet 204