Synthesis – PianoTweet 200 > Extended!

Dear Listeners!
I’m celebrating again a new Milestone:
200 PianoTweets!

I made a Synthesis of my beloved themes, modulations, chords, moods, emotions and so on.
But it could change every day.
This is just a flash, a moment.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to have made it this far and I’ll go on:
Provide a PianoTweet every day for all listeners and followers.

There’s some exciting news too:

I’m working on an APP, Yes!
Soon an App for iPhone users and probably a bit later for other operating systems,
the one and only real “PianoTweets App” will be born!

So stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.
And meanwhile:


Synthesis – PianoTweets 200

2 thoughts on “Synthesis – PianoTweet 200 > Extended!

    • Thank You, Anne! Maybe in future some collaboration with other musicians… And a new Series is coming up: “The Electronics”. GuitarTweets are better for Robert 🙂


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