In Search of Tranquility – PianoTweet 190

When having contact with people or with myself,
I feel the need of finding Tranquility.

Having tranquility, inner peace, outer space,
rest, harmony, a day off, a week on holidays…

Everyone needs it.
Everyone looks for it.
Everyone looks for something.
Something that’s not yet found.

This “it”,
this “something”;
it seems so far away.
But it exists,
it could be achieved.

After the Now.

After “that” has been done,
after “it” has been finished,
after “the other” has done that and that “for me”

It seems so close.

Who really succeeded in grabbing it?
Is “there” anyone that found “it”?
Who tells me that
“it” has been found, that
“it” is discovered?

I would like to meet 1 person that found it.
One person that’s not in search for anything anymore.
Where is that person?
Who is it?

In Search of Tranquility – PianoTweet 190