Not sure about This – PianoTweet 189

Since I started creating the PianoTweets
more than a half year ago,
I noticed something.
Listeners choose to listen to the music
after having noticed the title of the track, or not…

I have seen stats that prove this.
And I only watch and read.
And I rather well understand what graphs are about.

There’s another funny fact:
A track title containing the word “Heart” is far more popular than
a track title containing the word “Sparrow”.
That’s Strange!
Coz’ there must be far more Sparrows than Hearts.
But “Heart” seems to engage people more than “Sparrow”;
Ok, I’m making a kind of a generalization.

So this track is called “Not sure about this” for that reason.

Very often we as a person appear to be “Not sure”.
And at the same time we can be “Not sure” of what Music in general is about to say.
We don’t know anything at all before listening..!

Although – and believe me – the Music in this PianoTweet has a clear message.

Not sure about This – PianoTweet 189