In Tense – PianoTweet 174

Those precious moments when I’m playing…
It feels as if I’m able to creep totally
into my instrument and
play as soft as possible…
To make it whisper…

Then I would get into an area of consciousness that
contains both intensity and passionate tension.

Within the intensity I discover the concentration, the vision;
within the tension I discover expectations, ideas, futures…
I’m In…!

In Tense – PianoTweet 174

Rhythmic Game – PianoTweets 173


If you count with this music, you might get lost.
If you do not count, you could get lost as well.

It made me think of the World today…
Try to get into that Rhythm and you can get lost.

Follow your own path:
at certain times it can be confusing too.

you probably notice it’s different and
it even might feel much better…

Maybe even perfect?

Search your own Rhythm.
Play your own Game.
Do your Experiments the way you want to do it.


Rhythmic Game – PianoTweets 173

One of my Favorites – PianoTweet 172

Touching a piano or keyboard is all about movements.
Either physical or psychic…
When playing, I know I have some favorite movements
in my fingers, my wrists and arms.
They feel familiar and natural.
And I love the harmonic consequences of those particular movements.

Probably you heard me playing this one before.
At least a variation.
And at least when you’ve been listening PianoTweets for a while…

This way of moving suits to some keys and chords, not to all.

Today’s key is A major.
I start loving the harmonics of this key more and more;
The softness and positivity versus the challenging power is gorgeous.
More and more a favorite key.

After thinking on this phrase for a while,
I must admit that almost all keys are my Favorite 🙂


One of my Favorites – PianoTweet 172

Holy Monday – PianoTweet 171

I have to laugh about the Mondays.
Coz’ for all in the “civilised world” a week starts at Monday.
Coz’ our working week starts.

Some listener once wrote to me:
“Can’t you present joyful, happy melodies on Monday,
because I feel so bad at monday morning”.
My goodness.

Why split up the week in working and spare time?
Why don’t we live every day as a single, new day?

Since I started this project PianoTweets,
there are no more weekends, there’s no more work,
there’s just Today, Next day, maybe Yesterday…

But being a part of this world,
I’ll really respect Mondays’ problems
for so many living souls amongst us.

I hereby declare Mondays to our new Holy day (instead of sunday).


Holy Monday – PianoTweet 171

Mirror Moment – PianoTweet 170

Almost daily I take the opportunity to look in my mirror.

Not a mirror that shows me my pressumed handsome look…
It’s an internal mirror, mostly accompanied by a meditation.

Every day I want to know how I look from the outside to the inside:
it’s about states of mind, thoughts, reflections, feelings, visions about
the Now, the Past and The Future.

For me it’s a Moment to look, to listen, to feel
if the track I’m following is the right one for me…

A gentle and humble advice:
take a daily look in Your Mirror.

And may everyday’s PianoTweet be a useful help to that!

Mirror Moment – PianoTweet 170

An Intimate Fairy Tale – PianoTweet 168

An Intimate Fairy Tale was it…

It started 10 years ago, today exactly 10!

I met Someone in a small Italian village,
around the fountain on the “piazza”, the square.

It felt as if we knew eachother many lifetimes around….

Maybe it was a fairy tale after all.
Our roads split up.
It’s allright the way it is now,
but sometimes I’m a bit sad about it, yet.

Fairy Tales start,
romantics are climbing up to a climax and
then come to an end.

Enjoy this musical translation!

An Intimate Fairy Tale – PianoTweet 168