Decision – PianoTweet 160

During these days of June
my thoughts continuously turn back into the Past.

It’s 10 years ago I made the probably most important decision in my life.
A decision containing a bunch of consequences.
Emigration to Italy.

Before that, I enjoyed a three months holiday in
spring of the year 2001;
the best holidays I ever had.

Free as a bird, happy like a child.

Then, suddenly, I woke up one morning
of June’s first days:
convinced that I wanted to stay and live in that country.

In the PianoTweets coming up these days,
I’ll share with you my feelings about that decision:
expressed by music, notes, chords, harmonies and disharmonies,
telling you about a decade ago…

Stay tuned & Enjoy!

Decision – PianoTweet 160