Lift your Head up – PianoTweet 156

I lifted my Head up to the Sky for a few seconds…

I saw wonderful shapes of clouds announcing wheather’s forecast;
long tailed lines, white colored,
and then rounded like flowers of cotton.

I saw the artificial tail of a cloud shaped by an aeroplane.

I heard the blackbird talking about his territory.

I saw the fingers in the wings of the crow, flying above my head.

I heard the distant sirenes of an ambulance.

I felt the temperature falling.

I heard a child crying for its mother.

I saw the frog swimming in the pond.

I’m on Mother Earth.

I felt extremely happy.

I lifted my Head one more time.

The clouds shifted their color into bright orange, lazy in the sunset light.

And the frog was gone.

Lift your head up – PianoTweet 156