A Bit Bored – PianoTweet 152

I feel a little bit bored.
May I?

Although I feel allright and happy with my PianoTweets,
having much to do for the company I’m funding,
supported by so many great and sweet contacts,
I feel a bit bored sometimes.
And uncertain.

Is it right what I’m doing?
Am I touching the right key?
Did I choose the best string in my piano at the best moment?
Do I still have the Contact with the Source?

This state of mind is a consequence of my choice.
Every split second during my playing it’s one of the present feelings.

At the same time there’s is Happiness;
it’s so beautiful to create and follow my own style,
create my own messages on The Piano.
It’s a luxury – almost boring, once in a while…

A Bit Bored – PianoTweet 152