The Silence Inside – PianoTweet 145

Every day I observe the World around me.
Numerous, countless impressions are present;
they all want my attention and enter into my Consciousness.

In case and if it appears to be too much
for my Consciousness,
I have this beautiful, medieval wooden door,
with ancient, heavy, dark iron locks.

I love this door.
It separates Me from the Outside
It protects me.

So I enter Me.

I close this door and
I know it’s there:
My Room.
It’s my Room:
where Silence rules.

Enjoy this silent PianoTweet!

The Silence Inside – PianoTweet 145

Very short Etude – PianoTweet 143

Many of you know what it is: an Etude.
The word “Etude” has its origin from the French verb “etudier”,
which means “to study”.
Rather often I play this exercise to wake up my fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders.

When I was a young boy, I hated “Etudes”.
I must have been lazy.
And sometimes I still am.

Yes, I had piano lessons for many years,
and in a way I enjoyed them.

But I thought studying and making music were two different worlds
that had nothing in common.
I hadn’t yet discovered what I discovered many, many years later…
The possibility to insert MUSIC into an Etude.

Enjoy this Very short Exercise!

Very short Etude – PianoTweet 143

Waltz in D minor – PianoTweet 142

There’s not much to write about this PianoTweet.

Maybe YOU want to write something about it?
Feel free to leave your comment!

Yesterday a dear friend sent me a message
about my temperament.
In this Waltz it’s all there…

Accompanied with D minor,
this beautiful key.

Thinking a small moment about keys,
I realize all keys are beautiful.


Waltz in D minor – PianoTweet 142

Where the Wind blows – PianoTweet 141

Looking out the window
where my wind starts to blow

A glance at its movement
moving towards its end

Dynamics, filled with speed, full of gentle power
like my heart, that touches your flower

Where my wind starts to move
and moves to the growing groove

Anywhere this Wind blows
that’s where my new world grows

That’s where humble love
is beyond the All: coming from the Far Above.

Where the Wind blows – PianoTweet 141

Symbol – PianoTweet 140

Today’s text for this PianoTweet is dedicated to PianoTweets 🙂
A Celebration!


Because it’s no. 140!
Which is one of the fundamentals for this “project”.
(in this case the word “project” doesn’t really cover what happens:
for me, it becomes a way of life, more or less).

In fact, 140 as a digit isn’t really a holy digit; like 3, 7 or 12, just naming a few.
Besides, when publishing pianotweets that exceed the 140 notes limit,
I do not quite respect the digit 140 as being “Holy”.

For me PianoTweets has become a Symbol, like a Metaphore.

A Symbol for:
new life
ongoing creativity
searching and digging
new networks

Thank you all for listening to my Symbol.
And Enjoy!

Symbol – PianoTweet 140