Lightning and Thunder Lullaby – PianoTweet 151

Last night I was dreaming again
when I was still awake.
So that’s a day dream.
That’s about the Lullaby.

I was dreaming about the rain coming up,
together with big thunders and heavy lightning art at the skies.
Rain is needed, so is the “unload” of electricity between the Earth and the Sky.
And that’s the Lightning and Thunder.

Why do we call it: “Thunder and Lightning”?
That’s wrong.
First there’s the Lightning;
then its sound arrives into our ears, being the Thunder!

I love the Lightning and Thunder.
It makes me feel united with Mother Earth.

Once in a while I take a bath in Lightning and Thunder.
Dreaming of the ability to fly up high, up into the Sky.
And touch those wonderful Rays…
And rolling down everywhere, leaded by the mighty Sound.

Lightning and Thunder Lullaby – PianoTweet 151


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